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Ideas for humanity

You’re here because you care. You’ve got an idea that could help people, pets, plants, society – an idea that could make the way we live, better. If only someone would give you a break, see your vision, and back it.

Welcome to Sponsordea Brisbane, a grants and mentoring program to help you, help others.

Do you even idea?

It’s scary to think your idea could save the planet. But imagine if it did. Maybe your idea is a little more humble than feeding the world. That’s cool too. The measure of an idea is not defined by how many people it helps. Help can’t count.

We’ll judge your idea and award a grant to help you realise it based on its floatability and your passion. Can it succeed and flourish? You’ll never know, if you never apply. Let’s do this…

Rotary, what? But why?

Sponsordea Brisbane is a new program brought to you by the Rotary Club of Brisbane. An organisation made up of business, professional, and community leaders, that has been striving to make local community a better place for over 99 years.

The plan is for the Sponsordea Brisbane program to help budding entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life, and in the process, advance humanity.

To profit, or not for profit?

Our grants don’t require that you be registered as a charity, or not for profit organisation (NGO). That said, you might decide it’s the best model for your idea. And if your application is successful, we can assist you throughout the applications process in becoming an NGO, or charity, in your own right. So, if you have an idea that helps humanity, what are you waiting for? Apply for a grant today. 

Sponsordea Brisbane in action


Making poverty history with Chickens

Kyeema Foundation


Helping Red Frogs Help Students

Red Frogs

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