Grant for The Kyeema Foundation

Improving lives through village chickens

The Kyeema Foundation is an Australian NGO network of development and veterinary experts, with a passion for supporting food insecure communities globally. Primarily, they promote sustainable Newcastle Disease (ND) control in village chickens. ND is a major limiting factor to improving the lives of women and children in developing countries. Kyeema Foundation helps improve the health and production of village chickens as they are often the only animals owned by vulnerable households.

Getting clucky with it

After developing successful chicken keeping projects in Africa and Fiji, Kyeema Foundation wanted to replicate this in PNG. 

They were awarded $20,000 to set up two projects where master farmers were trained by an Australian specialist in tropical chicken keeping. 

The aim was to develop breeding programs and training in the conservation, expansion, and sustainability of indigenous chickens.

Chickens change lives

After initially setting up the program in the Morobe Province, a second operation in Wau commenced. This was especially urgent as it helped assist a long-term Australian resident of PNG, Donna Harvey-Hall, who cares for orphaned children whose parents have died of AIDS and are consequently outcasts in their wider communities. The village chickens are essential for nutritional and economic stability – providing income for food, school fees, and medications.

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