Grant for Red Frogs

Sweet relief for students

Red Frogs is a volunteer support program for 13-30year olds. Operated through sponsorships like Allen’s who donate 24 tonnes of “Frogs Alive” lollies, every year, to use as conversation starters at events. Red Frogs aim to provide a positive peer presence for youths at alcohol-fuelled events like Schoolies, sporting events, and music festivals. Through educational programs Red Frogs promotes safer partying behaviours and alternative alcohol-free activities that engage youths in these environments.

Hopping mad not to help

Red Frogs was awarded $50,000 to help support with resources in the Education, Schoolies, and Universities programs. They used their grant to design, produce, and distribute 160,000 Red Frogs referral hotline cards and 71,000 university wall planners. The distribution of these materials allowed Red Frogs volunteers to offer help and advice on the spot at events throughout 2019.

Thinking of a master wall planner

The outcome of this campaign resulted in almost 10,000 calls to the Red Frog hotline during schoolies, both from young people and parents worried about their loved ones. The wall planners are proving a hit with students throughout 2020. Peppered with positive reinforcement messages and essential referral info, they’re a handy tool for students in what is one of the most stressful years in human history.

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