Sponsordea Brisbane initiative objectives

Sourcing opportunities that:

  1. Create a service that benefits people in need and aims to improve their quality of life locally, nationally, or internationally
  2. Helps make a positive change for youth – leadership activities and involvement within the community
  3. Financially support individuals and/or organisations from concept to commercialisation, to help deliver business outcomes
  4. Utilise the Rotary Club of Brisbane’s membership expertise and resources to leverage from, in benefiting the community
  5. Encourage capabilities by engaging local businesses to offer mentorships & workspaces to the startup sector
  6. Attract new investment, businesses, and entrepreneurship to collaborate on initiatives that have a positive impact on local, national, and international communities
  7. Engage the Rotary Club of Brisbane with startup businesses and organisations that share a common charitable goal.


Application Criteria

All applications must outline the funding purpose, business objectives, and satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Must not be receiving charitable donations exceeding $20,000/year, over the past 5 years
  2. Seeking to improve the lives of others by providing a viable product or service
  3. Product or service is fully aligned with Rotary principles and causes
  4. Identify a specific funding need that will support the development/offering of product and/or service.


Round 3:

Applications Open: 12:00am, 10th May 2021

Applications Close: 11:59pm, 31st June 2021


The Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Committee will assign an assessment panel for each funding round.

Compliance assessment before selection:

  1. All applicants must submit our online form and upload relevant documentation prior to/or on the round deadline by midnight
  2. Applicants must clearly demonstrate how funding will deliver outcomes in support of helping ‘humanity’. This includes but is not limited to People, Animals, the Environment, and society
  3. It is mandatory that all panel members in a given submissions round, be in agreement of an applicants compliance eligibility, prior to selection.

Grant recipients will be assigned a mentor by the Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Committee that will be instrumental in assisting the business objective, set out in the application.

Selection criteria

Ideas For Humanity selection takes place in two phases:

Phase 1

Applicants that meet the compliance criteria at assessment stage, will be considered for Phase 1 selection.

Think small, dream big. From proof of concept, research and development, through to commercialisation and operations, we are open to all submissions.

We are looking for ambitious ideas, big or small, in solving humanitarian issues.

Applicants must provide details of:

  1. Validation – what is the problem and how do they intend to solve it
  2. Purpose – the product or service they intend to provide, or are currently providing
  3. Impact – how will the product or service engage the community and/or improve lives
  4. Support – at what stage of development/operations is funding required
  5. Intent – how will funding contribute to the business outcome
  6. Capacity – the team and/or/both frameworks to ‘make it happen’.


In each round, the Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Committee may shortlist up to five applicants. Successful applicants at Phase 1 will proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to deliver a 30 minute presentation to a live panel, at The Rotary Club of Brisbane.

A pitch pack will be given to each applicant invited to the live presentation. The pack will advise on the event requirements, including support in ‘how to prep for a pitch’.

The Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Live Pitch is not intended as a competitive pitch, but to better understand the purpose behind each application; as well as their business objective and funding purpose.

The pitch process will determine if an applicant’s submission merits funding and/or where funding is best placed and the amount of funding.

The selection criteria benchmarked with a ‘FOUR WAY TEST’ framework.

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Successful applicants will be notified seven days after the live pitch event.

At the discretion of The Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Committee, we reserve the right not to offer funding in any round of submissions.

Grant Winners

Grant contracts and any financial negotiations are to be finalised within one month of announcement.

All grant recipients will be invited to a grant awards event at The Rotary Club of Brisbane to receive their funding, with PR personnel in attendance.

A mentor will be assigned by the Sponsordea Brisbane Initiative Committee to fulfil an instrumental role in assisting the applicants business objective, as set out in the application.

All mentorship time allocations will be set out at the awards event.

A project liaison officer from The Rotary Club of Brisbane will be attached to the life cycle of the Grant and Mentorship program, to assist with progress and effective management.

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